Little Faith Builders Project

Faith Builders LR Sign Project

Total Amount Goal

Total Amount Goal

USD $2,250.00

USD $3,300.00

The Little Faith Builders Project is for the Little Faith Builders that attend Faith Builders Little Rock! It is our desire to see the children grow in faith. This project is to help create a learning environment for the children ages 1 1/2 to 4 years. It includes colorful walls, carpets, play and learning activities, puppets and supplies! We train our children in the way they should go!
The Sign Project is for the building that Faith Builders Little Rock is currently meeting in! It is our desire that all who drive past this property, or are on their way to service for their first time, will be able to clearly see and read the sign on the front of the building. 

Faith Builders Studio Poject

Total Amount Goal

USD $23,000.00

This project is for the Faith Builders International Studio. This project includes 3 Ultra HD Cameras with HD lenses, tripods and tripod dollies, camera operator intercom system, live production systems, capture and record systems and computers. This project will enable the broadcast to be recorded in house and fully customizable to our Pastors desires. The studio set will also enable us to record and broadcast Faith Builders with Philip & Michelle Steele as well as Pastoring Essentials.