Your partnership makes it possible to provide: 

       • Free teachings via television, Youtube, podcast, and livestream

       • Free books and media to prisoners nationwide

       • The infrastructure to preach the Gospel nationwide in two languages

       • A place for people to call for prayer

       • And much more…

"My focus in our partnership is to pour into your life as much spiritual strength and nourishment that I can."

                                                                - Pastor Michelle Steele

       • Pastor Steele and I, and the team here at Faith Builders pray for you and your family. 

       • I write a teaching letter each month to provide spiritual insight and supply for your faith. 

       • I also choose and sow a CD series, featured in our monthly partner newsletter, upon request, into your life.

    ​​​​ We are so excited about to have the ability to sow our CDs series free of charge! All of our media resoure are now made available for you to view and download. You will be able to access the teachings and strengthen your faith night and day! You will be able to receive the CDs at our church locations or by calling the Faith Builders International (913-583-1670) to request them.

     As a result of this change, we may adjust the format we provide the partner gifts that we send when you sow into the work of the Lord. Instead of sending out a CD from the broadcast, we will have options of some of the recent releases made available to the Word Supply. We will give the choice as to what teaching you may want to receive. We are thankful that we are blessed to be a blessing!
Call our office 913-583-1670 during the hours of  9-4 (CST)on Monday through Thursday
Send your request to our offices:
Every Available Voice
P.O. Box 452, De Soto, KS 66018

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